Time Class Teacher Room# map


2:00 - 3:50

snack break 2:50-3:00

Conversation I Grace Peterson Rm 1
Level 1 Ning Cui Media Rm
Level 2 Yuan Wu Multipurpose Rm
Level 3 Bonnie Renehan Rm 8
Level 5 Xiaoxi Lu Multipurpose Rm
Beginner Daisy Ye Rm 3

3:50 - 4:00

4:00 - 4:50
Arts & Crafts Yan Mei Rm 1
Chinese Chess Hengbin Wang Multipurpose Rm
Dance Cancelled Rm 3


Youth & Young Adult Classes
Beginner and Conversation Series: These introductory classes are designed for children with no prior background in Mandarin Chinese. Children study Chinese reading, writing, and speaking, and learn about Chinese culture.
Level Series: This series is designed for children having an existing knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, and the majority of the class is conducted in Chinese (Mandarin). Children study and improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills.
Cultural Classes
The Santa Barbara Chinese School also offers Chinese Cultural Classes as part of the enrolled program. All students have their choice in learning Chinese Arts & Crafts, Chinese Chess, and Folk Dance.

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